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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sunday, January 14, 2007

To be successful in marketing the number one criteria is the ability to sell youself. How many times have you basically seen the same hype with the same story? You know, about how I was struggling to make ends meet, when I purchased Joe W's e-mail book for 47.00 .By the way did you ever wonder why all of these rich schemes sell for a price that end in seven.?I sometimes say to myself ,can any of these dudes count past seven?

Experts are always being quoted as being disturbed about the results of their e-mail campaigns producing less than one percent return and then comparing it to offline returns of five percent. Yet, now be honest, when is the last time we witnessed a totally new way of marketing our product? Now don't get me wrong many of us have been very successful. You know why? We did our home work. Take your time and do your homework. All of the so called pros will still be selling their hype tomorrow.

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By the way this is just my opinion---let me here yours ! Dick H

Friday, July 14, 2006

If America was a enterprise, instead of a republic, and George W. was the CEO, he would be doing the same as he did prior to being a Governor. The buisness would be going down the tubes. Read every major newspaper in the morning and ask your self the following question. Has the country ever been in such a mess? Look for a negative story on the following subjects. There will be a gradual drawdown on the troops in Iraq, followed by we are going to have to send more troops over to get involved in Bagdad. Isreal and Lebanon heading for their second major war in fifteen years. President names Iran as being the mother of this latest encounter as the one providing weapons to Hezblllah a weaponless terroist group. Syria is the one funneling assets into Al Quida. Democracy in Iraq will flow through the middle east. America now hated, or disliked, by the majority of the world. Would you say our foriegn policiy is on a role? Then there is N.Korea. ratteling their saber blades on nukes. And guess what? We haven't discussed anything with them since November.

The Wilsons sue Cheney, Rove and Libby on charges that Fitzgerald hasn't investigated. Corruption keeps rearing its ugly head almost daily. Haliburton overcharges government one Billion dollars and we are now going to competive bidding Government seizing Abrahmoff's attorneys records. What is the latest on the lobbying reform they where to inact. Bush reaches compromise on wire tapping. Supreme court knocks down prisoner problem. He is blowing about having Congress change the law. The President, and others, want to grant,what should be called amenisty, to an unknown amount of illegal immigrants. Opponents blame buisness for wanting status quo so they continue having low wages. Gasoline at record prices and predicted to go higher. Food suppliers have to increase prices just to cover fuel costs. GM and Ford announce record plant closings and massive layoffs. 37 Million citizen officialy on poverty. 54 million, so called middle class one financial casualty from falling into poverty. Foreclosures hit record highs and expected to increase in 2006. Americans personally owe over two trillon, the goverment has the fourth highest deficit on record. Everyone own a piece of us and we are to expected to be the worlds keepers. Now we are starting to play more political football with stem cell research. As well, as loosing a billion or two ,where do the victims of Kartina come into play. Will the justice department investigate the insurance industry, which is needed, to determine if Katrina was a flood or hurricane. and now we are going to slash and scrub over medicare. They have no respect for the law, the constitution or the Republican Party. Maybe this will motivate the voters to change the face of our Congress.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What ever happened to Patrick Fitzgerald? At one time I couldn't wait to turn on the evening news to see what the would be the conclusion of the Grand Jury.Today we don't even hear us bloggers discuss him. After several years we have only heard of Libby and Judith Miller. Why? You can't acuse him of fee building for he holds a career office. He has to have Republican connections for it is an appointed position.Yet he just found an Republican Governor guilty. So once again I say to my self, why all the time,why all of the money,who is he dragging his feet for their benefit. With the creditabilty of this adminisration last seen floating down stream, Rove being drug into the jury five times, then as the saying goes " something smells in Demark". I would bet the ranch that if, one or all were found guilty, and the repulicans kept control they would all be pardoned. Now if you were one of them can you imagine what is going through their minds. What if the Democrats regain control ? http://www. oneamerica.com--http://www. technorati.com. http://tpmcafe.com all tags

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Much that needs to be said about outsourcing has been said by all of us; except OUTSOURCING OUR WEALTH. In normal times, prior to this administration, the interest earned on our Treasury Bills to raise money was handled by the wealthy of our country which translated into the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. As of this writing, our national debt is $4.8 trillion and 43 percent is owned by the central banks of China, Japan , Great Britain and off shore hedge funds. This amounts to over 206 trillion of our oustanding debt leaving our shores. Since this administation took office, 73 percent of our new borrowing has come from abroad. Over a period of time this will be devastating on the worth of our country. Also must we be naive enough to not believe that the sources that own our ten year benchmark securities wouldn't have an extreme interest in our monetary interest policies? Or what would happen if another country could earn more on its investment elsewhere? We all know that our nation is in a precarious position. Hopefully our new Secretary of Treasury, Paulson, can redirect our policies. I have seen it quesioned. Why would a man take a 40 million annual paycut and give up control of 700 million of worth in the firm he is leaving? And, being honest, these were my first thoughts. Then another thought entered my mind. In the direction we are headings, what would his wealth be? At this stage the only item that I have one hundred percent confidence in is as follows. It took us five plus years to get here-- We are a long way from the deficits and debt ending, and no one person or group will solve these problems soon. It will be at least one generation, and maybe more, before we are back on solid ground. If you have read any other of my posts maybe you understand my feelings when I say WE MUST REBUILD AMERICA.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Friday, May 19, 2006

AMERICA WAS FOUNDED ON THE RULE OF LAW!!! We have more indiviuals imprisoned, for breaking a law, than any nation in the world. As citizens, we are all aware, something as minor as a parking ticket is a violation of our laws. Now our country is divided on what is referred to as an immigration issue. WRONG!! Immigration is when a person leaves one country to settle in another country legally. Migration is when one across's national borders without complying with the legal requirements. This is a violation of the law. It's really simple isn't it? Well let us say it is simple until the political, corporate, and hispanics enter the equation. The politics are two fold. Karl Rove,and the President, designed the strategy prior to the President being the Governor of Texas. The more they could do for the illegals the more of the Hispanic vote the Republicans could achieve. They have been very sucessfull having received forty percent of their vote in 2004. Strike1. Now their often referred base, the religeous right, wants the borders enforced and the law honored. I don't find myself alligned often with the extreme right however; I have zero difficulty with their postion on this issue. Strike 2. Now enter the big hitters, corporate America with large bankrolls. Their postion is bring them on, we want,and need, an abundance of cheap labor. But let us not forget their humanitarians. Their song and dance is to enable these people to escape poverty. Need they be reminded that 37 million Americans are officially in poverty. Have they read the predictions of the experts? 54 million more of our citizens are one unexpected financial problem from falling into the same pit. Very few,if any,can serve three masters. You would think his involvement in baseball would have taught him THREE STRIKES AND YOUR OUT. I have heard many speculate on how to solve the migration problem but I have yet to here what I think would be the answer. However I do know that I don't believe 6000 Gaurdman, without weapons, is any more than red meat for their base. Hopefully the voters will remind Congress, THREE STRIKES AND YOUR OUT. Tags Permalink. one america committee,tpmcafe

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